UDisc: An App R(evolution)

Imagine if you were alive during the early years of baseball. What kind of changes would you have seen as it grew from a niche hobby into a full-fledged pastime? Perhaps you might have listened to baseball’s first radio broadcast in 1921. It’s events like those that begin to mold and shape the sports we love. Because disc golf is in its infancy, we are now able to witness the sport begin to evolve.

One innovation that has changed the landscape of how we see the sport of disc golf is the implementation of UDisc. Although the PDGA introduced live scoring years before, UDisc has found a way to bring live scoring to an app that everyday ordinary fans can download onto their phones and instantly become part of the action. Plus, UDisc has expanded live scoring to cover all the MPO/FPO players with new disc golf statistics.

UDisc has been around nearly seven years and founders, Matt Krueger and Josh Lichti have devoted hundreds of hours every month to constant improvements.

Josh spoke about his developments by saying that, “My favorite feature in the app is the interactive course maps that make it so easy to navigate a new course, and I think it sets UDisc apart.”

There’s no doubt that it is these innovations that drive the founders, but for the common disc golf fan it makes all the difference to follow along with their favorite athletes. Fans that use the UDisc app during an event are treated with accurate scoring, and updated statistics that give the user a much richer picture of the action.


This year a great partnership was born as UDisc and the PDGA joined forces to bring UDisc Live to all NTs and to the 2019 Disc Golf World Championships. I asked Josh for the story behind the partnership and he commented that, “We started working closely with the PDGA Technology Team (Steve Ganz and Pete Crist) in 2017 to help streamline scoring management for the UDisc Live events. They were fantastic to work with and we are all focused on using technology to grow the sport.”

As fast as disc golf is growing and changing, Matt and Josh must work to stay ahead of the curve. But, what can we expect for 2019? “On the UDisc Live front we’re focused on making it easier for fans to connect with their favorite players and we’ll have an event nearly every weekend from Mid-February until October with 28 events in total.”

Full Schedule

UDisc is also debuting their new blog, Release Point, to share some stats and tell stories from the disc golf world. You can check that out in the app on the “more” tab or on udisc.com/blog.” UDisc also launched a Merch store to help support their continued innovations.

Because of Matt and Josh’s hard work and their combined effort with the PDGA, members will now receive a UDisc Pro subscription included with every PDGA membership (available now). Josh added that, “The UDisc app now has an interactive and instantly searchable rulebook and competition manual. The rulebook is always up to date and works offline so it’s easy to look up in seconds on the course without needing to carry a paper rulebook.” With UDisc, a player can discover courses, keep score, and track stats among many other useful features.

UDisc crew: Monica, Josh. Matt, and Dan at Worlds

When all is said and done, disc golf fans want a way to stay in touch with their favorite disc golf stars, and enhance their viewing of an event.

UDisc does both of those things extremely well. Not to mention an amazing scoring experience for your own casual rounds. Can it get any better than that? I’m sure Matt, Josh, and the crew will find a way.

Writer: Jerry Roth

Writer: Jerry Roth