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Rapid Fire with Alex Russell

“This young player from Vancouver has taken his game to the next level by finishing 7 out his last 12 tournament within the top 10. He accomplished this feat despite going head to head with the best competitors in the world of disc golf.”


The 2019 Buckeye Classic

“Some tournaments rise while others fall with new ones taking their place. One tournament in Central Ohio that has begun to find a following and continues to gain steam is The Buckeye Classic presented by Discraft.”

Ben Foster: Sky’s the Limit

“One of the coolest things about disc golf is the different places it can take you. Random parks and areas you would never stumble across if you weren’t there to play disc golf. I aspire to play as many courses as I can. I enjoy pairing travel with disc golf.”

Christine Jennings: Preparing to Soar

“I have been and am continuing to work hard to be able to compete with the best. It was extremely exciting for me to be moved up and I am very fortunate and thankful to have an amazing company to believe in me.”

A Moment with Juliana Korver

“If you look back on the career of Juliana Korver you soon begin to realize that her accomplishments are among the greatest in disc golf. There is no doubt that Juliana was a pioneer for the sport and if she never picks up a disc again, she will leave a lasting legacy for future golfers.”

Paul McBeth: Waking a Giant

“Paul McBeth has done more in the sport of disc golf than nearly any player that has ever thrown a disc, and yet he always seems to be in a position to have to prove himself to the fans. This year it was the transition from the manufacturer Innova to the manufacturer Discraft.”

Holly Finley: Ready to Make Moves

“One player that has had an unusual path to a disc golf career is 2013 Rookie of the Year, Holly Finley. At the speed disc golf is expanding, fans are seeing the FPO fields get larger and larger with each big event. When Holly began to follow her passion in 2012 the field was a bit smaller.”

5th Annual Arnold Classic

“During the month of March the weather has the chance to be almost anything. While some disc golfers flock to Arizona and the Memorial Championship, others remain back in their home state and take what Mother Nature dishes out.”

A Discmania Player to Watch

“With the 2019 season in full swing, disc golf fans will be watching this year’s talent shred the courses, and you can add Bartosz Kowalewski to that list. With two victories already recorded for this year, he has prepared to make this season the one to remember.”


Alyssa Van Lanen: The Disc Golf Tourist

“To be honest, I can’t remember a time when disc golf and photography weren’t part of my life. My first camera was a pink, Barbie film camera my parents bought for me when I was six and by seven, I was asking for a better one.”

Eveliina Salonen: A Look to the Future

“Eveliina has already shown that when she plays up to her potential she can go toe to toe with the best female players in the world. She’s demonstrated this at the 2018 Skellefteå Open when she fought off the top female players to take down the impressive victory and truly solidify her as a top contender in the sport.”

An Interview with Steve Dodge of the DGPT

“Bringing the media in-house has always been a thought. Going into 2019, we knew that the tour certainly needed to monetize the media better in order to remain sustainable.”

Hailey King: The Hailstorm

“Affectionately called “Hailstorm”, because of her huge putts, Hailey joined Discraft in 2017 representing their Junior team, but as of this year she was promoted to the women’s Discraft team at 17 years of age.”

An MVP Athlete on the Rise

“Disc golf might be growing fast, but the growth isn’t limited to the men’s divisions. The days of seeing only two women sign up for a big tournament is becoming a thing of the past.”

Ashleh Baumann: For the Love of the Flight

“There were times I wanted to quit after coming out of the brush covered in scratches with twigs and leaves tangled up in my hair. It would all be worth it though with one good throw. Watching a disc fly through the air on a perfect line that you created.”

Brent Rosen: A Player Making Waves

“Gifted with a natural ability for disc golf, Brent has moved effortlessly into the Advanced division and is even flirting with the idea of moving into the Open field this year.”


“Road life was very much the same as it is now, just with smaller FPO fields and fewer members of the disc golf community to rely on for lodging at different events. I slept in my car a lot. I was a little nervous to tour, but more so excited. I knew I could make it work.”


“One professional player that has scorched the courses when disc golf was in its infancy is Brad Schick. If you haven’t heard of Brad Schick you are truly missing out.”